The natural beauty that surrounds Las Vegas

The first thing you think you many people at when thinking of Las Vegas Strip. Bright flashing neon lights, loud music and lights are more what people think, in Las Vegas, the wide spaces, nature park configuration, open watches of the nature and the beauty of the desert at sunset. It is natural that if you can get that forms a little bit of Vegas otherwise never Sun on all see the bright lights.

Most grants this beautiful to visit places distances from Las Vegas are fair, but if this is in your area, it would be a shame for you in its beauty the a drive. The first thing I would like to mention is National Park Bryce Canyon. It is really in Utah and about 270 km from Las Vegas. Enter the fee is $20 per vehicle, but the landscape is impressive. The views, that value will be every mile and every penny. It must also looking after some of the animals, in particular the Bell of the great basin, bald eagle, and the Eagles. There are beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring and early summer, if, at this time in the value of visiting an eye.

The Grand Canyon is about 300 km southeast of Las Vegas. This is an another beauty, worth seeing you have a day of "or" really to make a priority. There is a fee to park your car and you should check what is the current rate, before the drive. Is a fee for the majority of people value experience this piece of American legend and tradition. You can also take one of the many journeys, takes you around the course and a few, that gets to the bottom and then copy back. If you are really brave one helicopter tours take into account.

Floyd lamb Park is open daily from 6 am to 7 in the evening. This Park is about 20 km from the Las Vegas Strip. It also has four full sized tanks, a barbecue area and is home to some very interesting fossils and remains. The fossils of remains, include the following: bison, Mammoths, camels, giant sloths and horses and other animals. This area became a State Park in 1977 and visitors who have a fishing licence for Nevada can fish in one of the pools of the Park, but there is a limit fish of three per person.

Lake Mead is an another great close range in the free enjoy in the desert of Nevada. Lake Mead is a reservoir and largest of its kind in this hemisphere 16. This Lake was created by the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam, and is about 1.5 million acres (I don't know about you, but this number I is truly amazing). This area is a popular destination for boat, swimming, and as a Wildlife observation area.

If you are like the great outdoors it many places to go and enjoy the nature area of Las Vegas in and around that. Can you much more than the wildlife of the view one of these parks and offers each something special for those, to visit. I hope that you all might enjoy you, however, I would recommend at least a day of his trip in the air, in the wild somewhere free to spend.

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