Everything you always wanted to know about klystrons and traveling wave tubes (but were afraid to ask)

Most of the time this blog is about embedded electronics, but if I come across something interesting that is electronic but not directly related I will talk about it here too. Therefore, this time I will write about a book with the impressive title: Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers, and Gyrotrons It is written by A.S. Gilmour, Jr. of the State University of New York, Buffalo and the book is edited by Artech House. The editor presents it as: The culmination of the author�s 50 years of industry experience, this authoritative resource offers engineers a thorough understanding of the operations and major classes of microwave tubes.

This field of electronics definitely has the coolest named devices of the industry and I sure would like to use a gyro-twystron once in my life, just so that I can say I did. Controlled by an Arduino maybe? Anyway, I�ve read this book and found it, to my surprise, quite fascinating. 800 pages about electron guns, exotic materials to make cathodes with, magnetic and electric fields and incredible amounts of power, actually this book is more about physics than about electronics. What I really liked about it was the mix of well established theory and experimental physics. The author does a pretty good job, as far as I can judge, at relating the complete history of magnetrons and the like. From the initial idea to the many tweaks that took the devices to where they are now, everything is described and it all feels very hands-on and experimental.

For the people that have to really study this material the book contains a wealth of drawings, diagrams, formulas and equations with derivations. I don�t think you will be able to actually construct a working megawatt gyrotron just by reading this book, it lacks the electronics, but it definitely will get you started. If you don�t care for the math, you can skip it all. Since the book introduces many terms the reader may be unfamiliar with it includes a glossary at the end. Your knowledge of vacuum pumps is a bit rusty? Read appendix B on vacuum technology. Appendix C gets you up to speed with magnetics.

I have only one negative comment about this book: the illustration the text is talking about is almost always on the back side of the page you are reading. Since there are many drawings you keep flipping back and forth between the drawing and its description.

This book does not introduce new theory but it is bound to become a standard reference for the serious high-power RF/radar engineer who has always a klystron lying around on his desk.

Wireless audio over 2.4 GHz

Just before the summer my contact at Texas Instruments had the excellent idea to sent me a CC85XXDK-HEADSET development kit. This is a PurePath Wireless Headset Development Kit to evaluate the new wireless audio products from TI based on the CC85xx family of RF micro-controllers. Due to a lack of time I didn't have the opportunity to write about it earlier, but I did give it a try and was impressed.

The kit contains two identical cards, one of which is configured as a master, the other as a slave. Both contain a 2.4 GHz radio and once paired (a simple operation) you can stream high quality stereo audio from the master to the slave. This works exceptionally well according to my non audiophile ears. The cards are each powered from one 1.72 Wh rechargeable li-ion battery, so it is a totally portable system. Charging the batteries is done by hooking the boards up to a USB port. TI claims a continues operation of 22 hours for this system.

I gave it a try in my garden and managed a Line of sight (LOS) distance of some 45+ meters (then I ran out of garden). It will probably go a bit further when the master is higher up from the ground. Occasionally the receiver has drop-outs, then it suddenly goes from full quality audio to complete silence, but this happens only at greater distances or when the data path becomes obstructed. Never did I hear any garbage out of the headphones.

Included in the kit is a little CC Debugger pod (with a funny rubbery feel) that you can use to reprogram the boards. This pod lets you reprogram and configure the boards using a tool called PurePath Wireless Configurator. The purpose of this tool is a bit unclear to me as there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that you can configure, but it is probably useful when you develop your own systems.

If you need a high quality wireless audio link in your system, the CC85xx is definitely worth a look!

a promising technology for a promising future for the environment

Hybrid electric vehicle or HEV, combines a system of storage of electricity with a width of choice for electric power tool, usually by eating some sort of fuel. Each HEV possess operational quality is checked and pre-and disadvantages practical design.

The development of internal energy, especially automobiles, motor vehicles is one of the greatest achievements of modern technology as a new growth of vehicle and environmental friendly energy efficient, in other words, because they were easier HEV worldwide.

In the creation of the hybrid electric car, is the largest energy economics and environmental protection. What these days.

The hybrid electric vehicle developed by electric car. The main disadvantage of electric cars, however, is that it is dependent above all batteries. The region is therefore limited.

First hybrid electric car should be an electric vehicle with batteries for energy storage and is equipped with a heat generator powered Board. This means that this type of hybrid has a range of avant-garde.

The power of the heat engine and battery power are specifically important rules, has continually excess heat engine of the module and battery power systems. It also depends on the programming of the behaviors.

Since the beginning of the use of cars, electric cars has been recognized already designed and. Although the suburb as a source of energy in many respects is better, the battery was the content of higher power handling and low-cost and ample supply of fuel.

Now, it's almost a century, was considered the electric car in the vernacular language, but is the most recent developments of HEV technology and once more, the growing needs of the environment encourages the reader to an HEV and became an exercise.

Considered as personal transport very important in the economic chain of modern companies and private vehicle, what appears to be the popular choice today.

Electric vehicles are efficient as the contemporary vehicles operating in approximately 46% of electric vehicles, while only works on a contemporary vehicle in about 18 percent.

There are studies in General, using electric cars with batteries about 10-30% more efficient with energy, such as the normal essence of the car, according to the exact energy of the vehicle and the network of energy efficiency.

Without doubt, electric vehicles and conventional vehicle comparisons are comparisons between highly developed system of power that, nearing the end of his research and development and innovative system in the early stages of development, with an important development, we expect that the new technology developed.

Moreover, the benefits of electricity transport goes beyond real perspective on the economy. Replace power plants, fuels that are customizable, portable power systems.

Electric vehicles are the ultimate alternative drive systems, because the power of the fuel source to generate electricity. Aside, it is advantageous fuel only important useful and cost-effective flexibility for a variety of energy resources.

The electric car is actually a promising technology goods that could transform transportation in many more respectful. This innovative emissions control is even more important, effective and economically advantageous.

hybrid car

Hybrid cars are one of the most recent innovations in the automotive industry. Increased costs of fuel, vehicle manufacturers have integrated hybrid technology on their cars. The concept of hybrid technology is really very easy to explain. Although hybrid cars use more fuel, can be stored effectively. This is because the engine's technology combines the technology of motor gasoline hybrids.

With the hybrid technology allows consumers up to 30 miles a gallon of fuel. The main advantage of hybrid cars is, if the machine or if it not Pluse runs in standby mode, which automatically disables the gasoline engine. The car is still running, but with the electric motor is running. Therefore, it saves fuel consumption. Imagine that he is stuck with hybrid technology, traffic without losing precious and dear fuel when the car is idling. It is also the reason why hybrid cars are so quiet when he was arrested. If the accelerator, the phase of the gasoline engine changes automatically once more.

Another reason why hybrid cars are now made by the majority of people, which emits the reduction of toxic emissions. This means that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly. Imagine if everyone starts using hybrid cars will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For this reason, it is in fact stop global warming.

Hybrid cars can help you save valuable both fuel and reduce emissions of toxic gases, the Government must take all measures necessary for the promotion of hybrid technology. The consumer has a benefits of hybrid cars, you could imagine. Not only save on fuel and help produce a cleaner environment, but they can also take advantage of the tax cuts.

In 2005, the President of the United States signed an agreement in 2005, indicating that buyers of hybrid vehicles can enjoy large amounts of tax. However, the amount of money to tax incentives is stored in varied buy hybrid car.

The first to check that, if it is a tax for this employee is hybrid car buying efficiency compared to a conventional machine in the same weight category in 2002. Save more fuel, the largest tax relief.

The tax credit, which varies the amount of gasoline, which can save a complete hybrid hybrid cars over the years of operation, compared with a conventional car cars in the same weight category. Could save more fuel, plus their taxes.

It is a fact that hybrid cars can be expensive. However, only that the long-term use, that the hybrid car can. To calculate the overall total by hybrid car and compare the total cost of conventional machine during his life, is that you can save more money on fuel. You'll save money on taxes. You can buy a hybrid car is certainly a good investment, which must take account of all the people.

Not only contributes to the situation in the production of a clean environment and save money in precious metals, expensive and limited supply of fuel, but also save money in discount to buyers of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars: these technologically advanced car, different prices

Hybrid cars are one of the most recent advances in the automotive industry. These cars save fuel and emit smoke much less toxic than traditional product. It is the fact that the hybrid car because there are always people with these characteristics.

An increasing number of people now always considered a hybrid car due to an amount of money that will save fuel and taxes. It is a fact that hybrid cars in the selling price less than the conventional car can be rather expensive. However, also consider the amount of money, except that in the long term, the increase in fuel prices. If it is computer and compare the total investment to drive hybrid cars that can win, you'll see that hybrid cars is a much cheaper alternative. You will see that the cars will be much more expensive, if it comes to fuel consumption.

Also, if you buy a hybrid car, you can take advantage of tax cuts. Stored, this means more tax money. Contributing to the creation of an environment much cleaner due to very low levels of toxic emissions from hybrid cars comparison helps not only for conventional vehicles.

Now that you know, what are the advantages, there may be a hybrid car, you want to know how hybrid cars work now, and because it saves a lot of money on fuel. ?

First hybrid car technology was now enough times autour. Only now people have started to realize that the benefits may be the hybrid car.

If a person who tries to save fuel and has touched the price increase of essence of next time if he retires, are your car at the gas pump, which is the hybrid car for you. Hybrid technology for a long time. Most of the engines is now using hybrid technology. Has electric diesel engine, helping to save on fuel. Some have similar to what he sees in nuclear electric motors átomo-u-boats.

The hybrid is a cross between an electric vehicle and a car. If you are running the car, use the fuel for the brands of cars. When you have finished, or if the car idle automatically converts the petrol engine and runs on an electric motor. This means that if you stuck in traffic with a hybrid car, not using gasoline until the motor traffic to move. As soon as he stepped on the accelerator (pedal), automatically switches on the gasoline engine. Therefore, you can save money on gasoline. It also helps to reduce the amount of toxic emissions, which gives the car into the atmosphere.

A typical hybrid car can cost around $ 30,000. It may seem a bit too steep compared to a conventional machine. However, enough to see the savings that could be an increase in gasoline prices.

Types of hybrid car can be expensive, but in the long run save much more money than you can imagine. What are the benefits for this with a hybrid car.

Comparison of hybrid car: choose what hybrid car

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people buy hybrid cars in fact now due to a variety of reasons. A buyer incentives like, appreciate a hybrid car, two save much money by supplies valuable fuel costs, expensive and rare rising three helps to generate less pollution of the environment because of low toxic emissions from hybrid cars.

For the growing popularity of hybrid cars, automakers compete much more, to produce the best kind of hybrid cars. They are now hybrid cars with a technologically advanced save more fuel, and can produce a vehicle capable of low toxic emissions integrated with the consumer.

However tends to be the growth of the market of hybrid vehicles, and also because more and more engine manufacturers, which now incorporate hybrid technology in their cars, many confused people on hybrid car to buy. The best type of hybrid cars with the promise of the market today for all vehicle manufacturers.

I know that buying a hybrid car, need to know exactly for you, is how hybrid car for you and the units which benefited more than compare hybrid. You need to compare some of the factors of hybrids, to determine, the hybrid car is better than the other.

But before going to compare hybrid cars, first must know how hybrid cars work, and how it can benefit from this. First of all, hybrid cars, is a source of energy cleaner and more efficient use of electricity and gasoline. Hybrid cars, which can be described as a mix between a gasoline car, electric car.

You can save fuel and emit toxic fumes hybrids on electricity running when idle. This means that if stuck in the traffic and race of hybrids in inactive or movement, the gasoline engine automatically changes. Therefore, it will run exclusively on hybrid electric cars. Just you, automatically disables motor gasoline once this execution of the step on the accelerator.

Now that you know how hybrid cars and now that you know how you can benefit from, like hybrid cars to compare, to get the proper type of hybrid car for everyday use.

First, you must determine how to use the car. If you have a family, it is advisable to have a hybrid SUV. It can carry more passengers for this. But we need a little more than the cost of hybrid cars hybrid vehicles seen also look.

The main advantage is a hybrid, fuel efficient cars. You must choose a hybrid car that is more fuel to maximize the benefits for you. You can use your Distributor on the issues of fuel consumption of cars. He will be able to tell you how much a gallon to save him, compared to traditional cars and miles of hybrid cars.

East retrieve opportunities on how you can compare hybrid cars to select. All these things to remember and can be safely the correct type of hybrid cars available on the market today. To start the search, Honda and Toyota, two of the major companies are today, to produce affordable and efficient hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars: as the battery system

Hybrid cars are one of the most recent innovations in the automotive industry. Possible to save people money by increased fuel costs and supports the hybrid car, assisted in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. With a hybrid save lots of money by the constant increase in the price of gas and at the same time, contribute to reducing the level of pollution.

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, they feel more and more people now get rid of conventional cars consume and buy a hybrid car, which can benefit the most. However, not everyone can really see the advantages of hybrid cars. Some people think that hybrid cars are generally more expensive than conventional cars. However, I do not see is the long-term use, to offer a hybrid car.

Comparing hybrid cars by conventional vehicles, will be just the total amount of gasoline used cars in your life must calculate that will save more information on hybrid cars, although it is more expensive at retail price.

Hybrid cars can be seen clearly, which is much more efficient than conventional cars. How it works and how hybrid cars to achieve fuel efficiency compared to conventional car can now be questions.

Hybrid cars are, above all, what is described as a cross between a traditional petrol car and an electric car. The two sources of energy used to run the car and they have two engines. One is the petrol engine and the other is the current engine. Fuel hybrid cars if it is running, and runs on electricity, when it is idle.

For example, suppose your car to the garage and start something at home that you forgot. Because the car runs automatically inactivates stop the petrol engine and an electric motor to turn his car running. Finally, look for 30 minutes is important he forgot. In this 30 minutes, you'll save fuel that you run your car on electricity. Changes to motor gasoline as soon as he stepped on the accelerator (pedal).

There are two main types of hybrid cars existing today. One is the parallel hybrid car and the other is the hybrid car of the series. The electric motor, battery and gasoline engine transmission are connected in parallel hybrid cars. This means that both engines are managed autonomously, the power of the car and drive.

In the series of hybrid cars is that the fuel does not imply a transfer. It is only in the generator to supply that is connected to the battery or electric motor.

Batteries for hybrid cars are energy storage device. It draws from the motor to hybrid cars battery power and energy puts. This means that if you run the electric motor, you can load in hybrid car batteries continuously.

A hybrid car batteries are today is to restore, when the brakes. You can load the energy produced by the engine.

Hybrid cars are the cars of the future with all these advantages. Efficient can save fuel, you can run, have low toxic emissions of smoke and you can also save huge money from fees to buyers of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars in 2006: choose the best

Consumer is now in a car to save fuel hybrid technology is also integrated. Hybrid cars is well known that reduce fuel consumption by more than half. With this type of function of a hybrid car would really like people. Although the hybrid technology has already for some time, the automakers have only improve hybrid drive began.

Imagine a machine able to perform a gallon of petrol to 60 miles. Finally, this type of car is the car of the future. Not only saves on fuel consumption, but can also help protect the environment. This is why hybrid cars emit significantly less toxic gases as conventional cars.

Hybrid cars for some time. But for maximum efficiency, new hybrid models now on the market today. Hybrid cars of 2006 models are already available. These cars can actually save money on fuel prices. Integrated with hybrid technology, these cars are cleaner than the latest hybrid cars on the market today is much more efficient use of fuel and long.

However, there are many manufacturers who are in the race to create the best hybrid car on the market. Consumers tend to be confused on which hybrid car, should buy. For this reason, you should know 2006 now available on different hybrid vehicles on the market.

First, you need to know the concept of hybrid cars. The concept of the combination of electricity and gasoline engine makes a car is what makes a hybrid car. Although there are electric cars to the market for some time, should take into account the fact that hybrid cars are much more efficient than electric cars. With hybrid cars they must download it again to not connected to the batteries in the socket. This is possible because it is able to return to the energy lost during braking and drift.

Toyota and Honda are the leading producer of hybrid cars existing today. Toyota has developed the Toyota Prius, which can be used in s. This means that the machine is able to use, even when the internal combustion engine is disabled. This means saving fuel big if you locally. Think of gas as a backup, if a unit of time.

Chevrolet Silverado evolved also the Mybrid or hybrid myths. This collection specifies a minimum amount of energy in the battery and offered very momentum of energy like other hybrids in stores on the market. Chevrolet is called Mybrid truck but ideal for camping, where it can serve as a mobile generator to work or camping.

With the continued increase in the price of fuel, which is expected to be much more popular hybrid cars in the near future. Also expect that hybrid cars of the future much better in the conservation of fuel and maximize efficiency. Nissan to enter soon on the market of hybrid cars and other major manufacturers like BMW, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler. Be better prepared to get rid of your old classic car gas dévoreurs and receive the latest hybrid car on the market.

Hybrid cars: what is that all the fuss is about words?

It is a fact that people like hybrid cars. Hybrid car housewives to advantage can give t6o people and the environment. If what is hybrid cars, which once for their own people, is it?

First of all, you have a hybrid car, fuel consumption, minimizes the half. It moved to his vehicle in a pumping station in recent times? Recently, see if the price of gasoline in a steady increase. Traditional can fuel cars hybrid cars in half. This means fewer trips to the gas station. Imagine a machine that can travel more than 60 miles per gallon. That sounds good enough to get a hybrid car, but there are other advantages of hybrid cars, you can.

In 2005, President Bush has signed an agreement which assess the buyers and users of the hybrid car, huge fees. For this reason, you can save money for review. Another great advantage, you can get, if you have a hybrid car parking spaces are free, and some States have imposed a law which must be reduced, the hybrid cars of toll gates.

Hybrid cars are also known to produce much lower levels of pollutants in the air. This means less pollution. This also means to reduce the impact of climate change will and allows and others provide cleaner air to breathe.

These are some of the things, the hybrid cars can help. Now, I ask what kind of technology are hybrid cars, thus making the fuel economy and the environment.

Hybrid cars are in hybrid technology, which integrates existing today. In fact, there is a hybrid technology for a long time. It is used in locomotives, ships, or in some buses in some States and countries.

Hybrid technology is a combination of electricity and the standard engine. For example, locomotives, combines the diesel engine and an electric motor and a u-boat, combines the electric motor and the engine. Is much more efficient to run the conventional engine itself.

Combines the energy of the gasoline engine and a motor in hybrid cars, drive the car. This means that it works with two engines, internal combustion engine reduces the load. The electric motor will share the work. This technology can save precious fuel and much smaller volumes also leaves emit toxic gases into the air.

For example, if running, edit your hybrid car is motor gasoline down automatically and let the pure electric car to run. Save fuel, especially if you are stuck in a gridlock of traffic jams.

Today, hybrid cars that run even when it is running the gasoline engine. This type of hybrid car is finally disposed of travel from the petrol station. And will not travel issues not only toxic fumes. The gasoline engine works only as a backup, if the battery power pack. Brakes and engine to automatically load the battery purely electrical preparation for another deployment package. Not really drive hybrid for the plug for charging.

Therefore, if a machine that runs more fuel efficient, clean, always a hybrid car.

How hybrid cars: brief information on the car of the future?

Many people are now frustrated get growing with their classic car consumes fuel prices. For this reason, more and more people of alternative modes of transport journey search. Some people with cars are leaving the garage and walk at home, at work, almost any fuel saving and a part of u-Origen and other transport services available to save money.

However, some people need their cars only for their work. For this reason, many of these individuals are now considering that his old accounted for vintage cars, sell and buy a new type of car that can reduce fuel consumption in the community. This new range of cars, hybrid cars are called. Imagine, may be more than 60 miles to the gallon with hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars also produce less pollutants than conventional cars. This means that you will not only reduce fuel consumption in addition to the half, but also reduces the pollution that poisons the environment and humans. With hybrid cars, everyone can benefit.

Well, you know about hybrid cars and now you can get plans on his own, now want to know how it works. Know also as reducing fuel consumption in a familiar environment and also because it is less polluting than conventional cars.

First of all, one must consider that hybrid cars can be very expensive. However, if you calculate the total cost you will be taken in the life of hybrid cars and conventional motor gasoline, will have more money for the cars of similar weight class as a hybrid car with a higher selling price including taxes and spending.

Hybrid car buyers are also tax incentives that have been taken by the Government. With the purchase of hybrid cars, you can take advantage of tax cuts. As a result, you save more money.

The concept of the hybrid car is very simple. Hybrid cars combine clean energy source of internal combustion gasoline and energy available to run the car.

In simple terms, hybrid cars and fuel consumption, at the wheel of the car. First, not the hybrid car, if once you start the machine and are inactive or if you are not running, the gasoline engine is disabled automatically. This means that you run the car into electricity. This explains why hybrid cars are very quiet. This also explains why the effective fuel consumption save. As soon as the passage of the accelerator, the internal combustion engine will start automatically. There are also hybrid vehicles, that can be run only in electric mode. This is very useful if you use the car only for local journeys. Useless practically the same fuel in the car.

However, you must drag in this type of hybrid car, while petrol for departures. You can also say that the essence of the food reserve is used in the case that the battery is exhausted. More hybrid cars developed today need electric as cars are connected. The kinetic energy used for braking to recharge the battery.

Is the facility for a hybrid car works. It consists of a battery for energy storage, a generator, an internal combustion engine, a tank and an electric motor.

Now that you know how hybrid cars work now to see how it can be useful if you are a. You can save not only money for fuel consumption, but also helps save the environment by emitting fumes much less toxic than conventional cars.

Honda hybrid cars: the cars, the best fuel economy

Hybrid cars are like the car of the future. Hybrid cars fuel consumption actually current costs are increasing fuel prices. Hybrid cars can reduce average fuel consumption. This means that the effective 60 miles or more simply a gallon gasoline can go.

In fact, each hybrid cars can provide great benefits. You may not pass, but hybrid cars also benefit individuals, the cars were. For this reason, you can take a lot less toxic gases as a conventional machine. This means that is respectful and also makes air healthier and more permeable to air.

Hybrid car owners also enjoy benefits and of the United States was raised by the Government. Why is the fuel consumption and gives a few volumes of pollutants, imposed the Government, for example, tax incentives for owners and buyers of hybrid cars. Even as a car park and other types of use, if you use a hybrid car.

Must take into account this important fuel today, it is people, must preserve, especially if the fuel supply worldwide is limited. For this reason the hybrid car is the best response for the conservation of fuel fuel supply worldwide.

If you are a constant increase in fuel prices, not the owners of hybrid cars also seems virtually.

Today, many manufacturers in a campaign of promotion of hybrid cars as an alternative fuel must save. One of the producers is Honda. In fact, Honda today a number of hybrid cars available on the market today. The company is today one of the hybrid cars of high efficiency for the primary address.

Honda is a name well known in the automotive industry. Despite this, they produce the quality of the internal combustion engine fuel efficient car. However, Honda is a step that, thanks to the integration of hybrid technology on their cars.

A car, which has developed the hybrid technology is their Honda, Honda Civic Hybrid. Although the City for some time, this new edition of the Civic Hybrid Honda technology now integrated. The Honda Civic is already known that the fuel consumption. Now, with the hybrid technology installed, you can enjoy a higher gas mileage.

Honda Civic Hybrid is the evaluation of partial zero-emissions vehicles with high technology. This means that it is definitely a green or a green car that is beneficial to all. Integrated in the car battery is designed for the distance. A thousand 8 years service or 80000 really enjoy civic hybrid in the years to come.

A hybrid car that Honda developed is the Honda Accord Hybrid. This four-door sedan is a luxury vehicle, which can save a lot of money on fuel consumption. Honda Accord Hybrid has a V6 engine that power of 253 leaves his need to comply with the speed. There, you can save installed and you have an advanced electric motor and battery to fuel.

In fact, Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of hybrid cars. Anyone who wants a quality of hybrid car, imagine the hybrid Honda Motor vehicle manufacturer of your choice.

The history of hybrid car: a development for the future.

Due to demand, a car, where everyone can consume less fuel and would not contribute to air pollution, was finally that are a hybrid car for this purpose. And rapid advances in petrol engine, the hybrid car has become very popular.

A hybrid has two sources of current means of transport; Uses a rechargeable battery storage system board found and power energy supply with engine: the driver of the vehicle. The hybrid car less pollution and less fuel used.

In 1899, Ferdinand Porsche developed and paved the way for the first work of hybrid electric vehicles. Others followed in the invention by Ferdinand Porsche. Many people interested in the concept of hybrid vehicle is constantly hybrid cars. However, there was no major automakers, who have invested in the concept of hybrid and hybrid cars, produced in the series until the end of the 20th century. The hybrid technology has been used particularly in the development of boats or oil during this transition period.

The ships diesel-electric or very similar to a hybrid work car. However, the main objective was to preserve the submarine oxygen rather than spend less fuel. In recent years, submarines have evolved and began with nuclear energy as a substitute for diesel.

During the 1990s, the prospects of Honda and Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car successfully on the market. Is that two of the pioneers of hybrid car concept which had changed substantially, he thinks the world of automobiles.

Idealistic inventor, Victor Wouk, hybrid buildings were diverted the vehicle engine and fuel gas by virtually all other automotive and construction. Thirty years before the Toyota Prius has received attention in the United States nation willing like energy, who built the hybrid car.

Even the most avid fan of the growth of hybrid car unknown account of hybrid cars and inventor Club, who died in May 2005, at the age of 86 years. Knowledge of the hybrid car is, in fact, the United States, which would lead to other countries. Wouk said the Government considered that the hybrid is unknown to all.

Victor Wouk founded and sold two companies successfully industrialized electric in the 1940s and 1950s and in 1962 approach of Russell Feldman, one of the founders of Motorola, which recognizes the pollution of the car as the biggest problem of the environment and discover the solutions to this problem was. But not its share of experience of the solution.

Have an idea, Wouk has examined the problem in the 1960s and, finally, is an intelligent solution. With the power of gasoline engine to produce a hybrid vehicle that combines the advantages of lower emission of an electric car. But Wouk; He received his ideas to create a hybrid car, which was heavily criticised, not a complete electrical installation.

With the help of his colleague, Charlie Rose, who shared his beliefs on hybrid cars, gave him the opportunity, ideas of hybrid cars as a solution to create pollution car to demonstrate health spending. And now, the impressive capabilities of the invention of Wouk, hybrid cars are now a great help to reduce fuel consumption and less pollution.

Wouk and set a new company, his idea of a hybrid car developed specifically Rosas and be on the market and used as a day of each machine, which broadcast contemporary vehicle much less harmful vapors.

The Prius and the Toyota Prius is out, the market, was able, as the first choice of hybrid cars are still available. It is true that old car hybrid seems to be more than one machine abroad and cost much more than the conventional machine. However, due to later installed the latest versions of hybrid cars, looks more like a classic car and is significantly less expensive than their predecessors. It is a fact that car looks very hybrid cars, today. However, can use reduced by half.

For example, see the Honda Civic hybrid car very similar to the traditional version. However, if you look closely, the Civic hybrid version of the situation is much better than its gasoline counterpart to save fuel. Hybrid civic will receive 50 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

In 2004, Ford has developed and presented the first hybrid SUV, the Ford Escape Hybrid. A year later, Toyota has also brought its line called Highlander Hybrid SUV hybrid.

Due to a growing demand for hybrid cars, another car manufacturers followed in the footsteps of other companies already have released a version of its hybrid car on the market. For example, Nissan aims to develop and introduce a hybrid version of the Nissan Altima.

Today, there are about 300,000 hybrid vehicles on American roads where they make 95% of the Japanese. Hybrid vehicles are very different from the technology, you can save money and our environment.

Advantages over conventional car automobile hybrid gasoline-electric

Today, most people consider it now, get rid of their cars consume and a new type of car currently available on the market who purchase hybrid cars. Maybe ask why hybrid cars gaining worldwide popularity in the United States, but believed that hybrid cars in any case much more advantages than the conventional cars can.

Hybrid cars can fresh retail prices much more conventional cars. However, if you think in the long term, hybrid cars are much cheaper than you can imagine. Hybrid cars are the next generation of cars that is already available on the market that allows you to save money, in addition to the miles per gallon.

Rising gasoline prices, many people tend to buy hybrid cars to save money on gasoline. Imagine a hybrid, half compared to traditional cars can reduce fuel consumption. As you can imagine, save even more money in the long term. Numbers of hybrid car for what will be. This is because the cars tend to more expensive in the long term.

Hybrid cars use gasoline and the available energy source, which is its own electricity. He also built smaller engines with lightweight materials, designed to be fully the potential of aerodynamic efficiency to move to reduce to.

Hybrid cars are gasoline engine using powered and power of the engine to run the car. When the car runs in the slightest, or when it is in motion, but the module is executed, it will automatically change the petrol engine and the car runs on electricity. As soon as he stepped on the accelerator (pedal), the gasoline engine will be automatically activated once more the hybrid car. This concept will not be equal, go if they are caught in a fixed position. Also, if the machine in motion, the electric motor and a gasoline engine will share the drive.

Another great advantage of auto gasoline-electric hybrid car that runs on clean energy. It was found that hybrid cars emit far less toxic than conventional cars. Also, since it runs in a small gasoline engine and an electric motor, is much quieter than cars. This means that it is effective to reduce air pollution and noise and you can help.

Need hybrid cars connected to electric cars to recharge. This is because the batteries are charged if you perform the clean drive, or if the car is slowed.

Recently, the President of the United States was signed in 2005, encouraging States to buyers of hybrid vehicle tax. This means that if you buy a hybrid car, you get a huge tax on the purchase of hybrid cars. Is the amount of fuel to keep it, compared to a conventional car in 2002 with the same weight step depend on.

These benefits, the petrol-electric cars and hybrid cars, the car of choice in today's world is definitely. Prices, price increases and constant fuel oil will never be unpredictable movement.

Hybrid cars offers much more than you can imagine.

Hybrid cars: the cars of the future now available

If you intend to buy a new car, can be now appropriate to consider the idea of buying to get rid of a different kind of conventional cars consume and think in the future. Not only your financial future, but also the future of the environment.

If you have noticed that another of the essence of the price already expensive increase help but think about a car needs fuel, who saves him. Also, if it comes to increasing pollution in the world today, you can't help but think that if you do not use a normal machine and start using alternative modes of transport.

Now worrying about the price increases the oil continues or for the environment with the latest technology, now integrated new models by automakers in them. Today, automakers are already designing hybrid cars. Some also have a new line in its factories for the production of hybrid vehicles.

Manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda, now will take place today as one of the leaders in one of the best hybrid car on the market. The fact that hybrid cars are efficient and very low emissions, this car is the car of the future.

Hybrid cars work combining the petrol engine and an electric motor, the car's performance. With this type of innovation makes it possible to reduce by half the fuel. With this type of use must be a hybrid car, anyway. However, it must first understand how hybrid cars, or at least get an idea of how it works.

Hybrid cars have two engines. The first is the electric motor and the second is the conventional gasoline engine. If the car is running slow, or moves, but is enabled, which automatically stops the engine only runs on electricity. If you selected automatically step, gasoline engine in the gas and fuel for the car to drive. This means that if the traffic stop gasoline expensive plugin, and refusal, if even in the car is not running. It runs on electricity.

Also, if the machine is running, the electric motor and a gasoline engine car propulsion shared task. This is the reason why hybrid cars emit less pollutants than conventional cars, which only has gasoline engines.

It is also the reason why hybrid cars are so quiet at run time.

Today now follow to develop with other carmakers of their version of hybrid cars. In fact, some automakers have now shown to the public its hybrid concept car and are now considering a line of hybrid cars in its register of the production. In fact, the hybrid car is the car of the future.

Not only a hybrid car allows much of the increase in gasoline costs money to register, but also to reduce environmental pollution. Most are in the near future, he will be driving hybrid cars. With this car, helps reduce fuel consumption, caro and finished and also help create a healthier environment.

Chasing tornadoes

This is my last post live from NIWeek 2011, my plane leaves in a few hours and the show is finished now anyway. Looking back I had a good show with many interesting and exciting! encounters, technical as well as human. Look, I even made a friend.

He is great because he plays soccer and he is as good at it as I am. I bet he dances like me too.

Today was the last keynote during which several impressive student projects were presented including the world-wide winning (www) project in the student project competition. This was a 3D display that you can actually build at home thanks to its extraordinary simplicity.

The keynote ended with a presentation by Tim Samaras who chases tornadoes for a living. Tim showed some very spectacular footage of tornadoes but also of lightning, because that is his second hobby. He and his team film lightning with very high-speed cameras so that you can actually see how the lightning makes its way down to earth. Wow.

With a bit of luck I will be back here in Austin, Texas next year. If so, maybe see you then or there!

More information on hybrid cars from Ford and innovative benefits

Ford has always been a brand that stands for excellence, innovation, commitment and really is a trademark of all-American. One of the greatest players in the automotive sector, Ford has never been able to provide the population and in the world, cutting-edge vehicle that provides the need.

With increasing environmental concerns not only the Ford for a hybrid of United States train and came up with its own hybrid map. It is known that Americans love space and the drive offers SUV, with the Japanese sedan with hybrid cars, hybrid, and Ford decided to join with its hybrid technology with coverage of the vehicle, many Americans know, produced a hybrid SUV (sport utility vehicles) in the form of the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Ford Escape Hybrid was the first time in 2004 and a gas-electric off-road. Consumer demand was strong for the appeal of the hybrid Ford Escape, Ford save more gas to produce off-road vehicles.

To avoid any legal issues, Ford has an agreement with Toyota, which had been used very successful Toyota Prius on a patented technology to use. 2006 Ford hybrid system recognizes that offer the most advanced technology. Ford Escape Hybrid is available as a hybrid car is now complete. Use combinations of different energy, fits the style of leadership for the preservation of the greater power and potential and effectiveness in the execution. Compared to the conventional Ford escape of gas, which offer the same performance, comfort with lower fuel consumption.

In addition to the hybrid Ford Escape Ford has also released a hybrid in one of his cars, brand mercury SUV. The mercury Mariner, Mazda has many similarities with the Ford Escape Hybrid and his brothers soon displayed tribute hybrid. Ford plans to focus on this segment to develop hybrid SUV range, but is not the refusal of the hybrid segment sedan and plans to introduce hybrid vehicles in the future.

Research and design table Fords now are more frequent with the intention of raising awareness and concern for environmental issues and spent an alternative offer of motor vehicles who believe it is the future. Is not only environmental, but also in the pockets of consumers and also encounters because they offer many advantages of hybrid cars and use.

With a hybrid car, Ford, soon you will find that make less pit stop for petrol stations, you can move more miles per gallon. With the ever-increasing fuel prices is a change in this Welcome. You'll also notice the significant reduction of tones, which makes the engine. In addition, some States offer tax rebates for the purchase of hybrid vehicles, which translates into savings in the Bank.

Ford hooked now more than 100 patents, developing hybrid technology. Life would be better able to do. Hybrid vehicles from Ford, you get the same comfort and the same room of performance, but with fewer emissions and less fresh gas. You get true value for your money and at the same time preserve our environment.

LabVIEW, Arduino & Android

During lunch today I picked up the words LabVIEW and Arduino. Now that got me interested (or excited, as they would say here) and it turned out that a technical session about hacking Arduino with LabVIEW would take place later in the afternoon. So I attended and learned some very interesting things indeed.

First of all that it was not only about Arduino. To be totally honest, Arduino was a bit of a minor topic, the more important topics concerned interfacing to the Kinect, the Wiimote, iRobot, Neato and Android systems. Nevertheless they did do Arduino too. NI uses interns to develop all sorts of fun applications with their products. Waterloo Labs - who earned their fifteen minutes of fame about a year ago when they drove a car using an iPhone and posted a video about it on YouTube - is in it too.

So how do you interface Arduino to LabVIEW? It is pretty simple. You load Arduino with a special sketch to create an I/O server. Then in LabVIEW you install some VIs for Arduino. You should also install the NI-VISA serial port drivers if you don't have them allready. That's about it. And the great thing about this is that it is all free and open source!

Let's be clear about this, you cannot create a program in LabVIEW and then run it on the Arduino. In this setup Arduino is merely an input/output device, but a very cheap and hackable one for which many shields are available and you can use all the power of LabVIEW to control it or process the data. And if you replace the serial cable by a wireless link (Bluetooth f.i.), it is almost if Arduino is running stand alone.

This is all excellent news, because now you too can interface your project to LabVIEW as long as it has a serial port. All you have to do is port the sketch to your hardware and adapt the VI.

All this stuff and much more, like how to hack the Kinect or the Wiimote, is on LabVIEW hacker dot com

Do diesel car hybrid: began as a standard hybrid cars? Ford thinks this

Four years of hybrid cars that are rarely in the streets and highways. But as most people have noticed and realized major benefits that green cars and savings that come most hybrid cars are now our streets that he sailed. So they are so common as conventional machines that we use for hybrid cars. But it would be a surprise if the innovations and developments offers the technology to develop the hybrid or new technologies.

Many stories and rumors spread is the world engine other discoveries and concepts, they can revolutionize hybrid technology in motor vehicles, but there were many questions about why some existing technology is not supported with the innovation of the hybrids. These include the concept of diesel hybrids.

Diesel engines have become very popular in Europe and Asia. While the United States did not accept the diesel engine as will developments in United States Expat remove the attributes that have made a poor decision here. Recent events have generated excessive smoke and eliminated the noise from the engines of the flight. In addition, biodiesel fuel is a suite of growth and is considered as a solution to save the depletion of natural resources such as oil. The combination of hybrid technologies and new biodiesel fuel is that a better solution to our problems of growth seems to be. Biodiesel is now cleaner and cheaper than ordinary petrol.

While no single serious investigation and not been developing diesel hybrids, Ford has released a hybrid car diesel fuel in North America car at auto show in Detroit on January 10, 2006. Sport called Ford reflecting. It is a machine that is impregnated with a power source that uses a combination of a diesel engine, an electric motor and solar panels. In addition, the Ford reflex is all cars of wheels that Ford will be certificates of 65 miles per gallon.

The reflection, which can serve as a basis for future diesel hybrid cars is similar to gas for hybrid and electric cars. It also has a backup copy of the hybrid-battery pack provide food to the cars that are recharged by the engine and brake heat. Ford hybrid car diesel used in lithium ion batteries using the same type of latest gadgets such as cell phones and laptops. Most hybrid cars use nickel metal hydride batteries, because they are much cheaper, but lithium ion batteries have much more makes the ability.

But reflection also extract accounts for solar cells by plane as well. Is a patented Ford. There are also solar cells, which provides the power fan on the roof of the car, cool Interior works, when it is parked under the hot sun.

We can only wait until auto diesel hybrid technology is more easily accessible. Until then can expect the same performance of diesel and petrol fuel available. But if the technology is refined, we can certainly all this hybrid diesel car will certainly and we will see more often.

25 years of LabVIEW

The second day of NIWeek started with the second keynote presentation. Jeff Kodosky, the father of LabVIEW, opened the session during which he looked back on 25 years of LabVIEW.

Jeff K was followed by the part that I like most of the NI events: the user applications. Often a few interesting and sometimes quite spectacular real-life applications of NI equipment are presented and demonstrated. This year were on display a portable real-time optical coherence tomography (OCT) device, a structure health monitoring system that is being used for real-time bridge surveillance, the smart grid in Rajasthan, India (did you know that 400 million people in India do not have access to electricity?), a system to control the plasma position in a tokamak (we are talking nuclear fusion here), a couple of robots, an XBox Kinect interface for LabVIEW and a water display that uses water drops as pixels (see photo, can you see "NI" written in droplets?).

The company who made this told me that they have no practical use for such a display.

The keynotes closed with some philosophing about how LabVIEW may evolve during the next 25 years. According to Xilinx, their new Zync platform will play a role here in the near future.

That's all for now folks, I am going to attend a presentation about Arduino, Android & LabVIEW.

P.S. Thanks Greg, I received your text.

Try to compare each hybrid car with a person from the selection

Four to five years, there was very little noise and on hybrid cars and the benefits they could provide. Its popularity has increased due to higher prices for gas and the environment. It seems that hybrid cars are the solution to both. If you use a hybrid car, less pollution, thickening and help save even more, because they need less fuel, there is also many tax credits is made by many States.

For these reasons, hybrid cars have experienced a strong increase in sales and automobile producers closer to the arena of hybrid vehicle with their own versions. For those who want to buy a hybrid car, the options are many, this is why it is necessary to compare hybrid cars to see what would go very nicely with their needs.

Two of the manufacturers of hybrid cars are Japanese Giants Toyota and Honda. Will be credited with many innovations in hybrid technology and its hybrid cars are most celebrated most coveted and today, more than hybrid vehicles are excellent.

Here, we compare hybrid cars, which offer for 2007, the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lexus GS 450 H, Toyota Camry hybrid and Toyota Prius.

Fuel consumption can by their average consumption per mile in different situations, how to compare; City of conduction-where is constantly disrupted traffic, driving on the road-where it can work the engine free, average and maximum combined consumption.

Fuels used miles per gallon-kilometre for petrol

· Honda Accord Hybrid-28 MPG (City), 35 MPG (Highway) and 31 MPG (combined)

· Honda Civic-49 MPG (City), 51 MPG (Highway) and 50 MPG (combined)

· Lexus GS 450 H-25 MPG (City), 28 MPG (Highway) and 26 MPG (combined)

· Toyota Camry hybrid-40 MPG (City), 38 MPG (Highway) and 39 mpg (combined)

· Toyota Prius-60 mpg (City), 51 MPG (Highway) and 55 MPG (combined)

But before you choose, only people who have the highest average MPG, have yet to see and compare also certain aspects. These include the fuel type selected. All these vehicles use unleaded, with the exception of essence of Lexus used high end, which is more expensive.

The order of any hybrid should also compare cars and its engine size liters. The hybrid of agreement is a mid-size car with an engine 6 cylinder 3 litre. Civic Hybrid is that a car with an engine 1.3 l 4-cylinder Lexus is another compact class with a 6-cylinder engine to 3.5 l. Camry hybrid is a medium sedan with a 2.4 l 4-cylinder engine and the Toyota Prius is a car with a 1.5 L 4-cylinder engine. The more powerful, more fuel is consumed.

In view of these problems and more is needed to compare hybrid cars. You need ideas to see because there are differences. Therefore, before purchasing a hybrid car, first compare and do your research. Search for that perfect hybrid cars, so it would be better fit to your needs and your personality.

Hybrid car BMW: German engineering brightness and elegance of a combination of style and revolutionary performance with hybrid technology.

Is the number of car manufacturers, who were concerned about the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles, announced the production of German auto giant BMW, too soon, the production and sales of hybrid cars as expected. BMW will offer its own version of the phenomenally popular hybrid cars and over the next four years.

Knowing that many innovations and excellent quality, which has helped the world of BMW engine, we can be sure that the most innovative automotive engineering, step would be that others will follow.

BMW said that it could breathe the hydrogen hybrid cars, oil, and in the first round at the BMW. BMW has already, some of these pieces of evidence of car ruled by different countries. Researchers and engineers already releasing some evidence and opinions, to complete its first hybrid car. BMW wants to share not only a car look good, we are really a nice and cosy environment.

Except for the usual fuel cells use another producer of hybrid cars, BMW hydrogen fuel inside in combination with a combustion engine. This has led to more research and development required due to the demand of the engine to keep the liquid form of hydrogen and emerges as a problem are cold enough to do so. If the engine is too hot, can evaporate the hydrogen require often fill up. It is a dilemma for keep and the evaporation of hydrogen in transfer to the module. But BMW said he found the solution to this problem.

BMW Hydrogen is considered as a solution, but it took me almost two decades more before a machine is running only the hydrogen. But I am convinced that it is very accessible.

BMW says that, over the last 30 years, have developed the technology, which can cause only the first pure hydrogen powered vehicle ever. It is now is a car that runs on water, a car that emits water vapour in the exhaust pipe and get sun rays of hydrogen.

BMW has hydrogen as an energy source for the discussion of cars because it is the best solution to vehicle emissions, worse whenever contributes to pollution. This is because hydrogen is not dangerous, without damage to the atmosphere, the degradation of natural resources, take a lot of recycled material of possible sources of emissions. This BMW is the solution, the hydrogen vehicles produced from water using solar energy. This technological progress is obviously at Expo 2000 with the production of the BMW 750 hl. BMW with some partners may be behind the production of hybrid cars, but they lead in hybrid technology.

Soon we are going to all the beneficiaries are all these advances and innovations. We can not only save money on gas, save the environment. Horseback riding I have to say does not have a hybrid car in auto overcrowding at low energy consumption. Get the refinement with the introduction of hybrid in the near future BMW car, elegance and style to help our rooms.

Geek power

After a long day of presentations, interviews and normal editorial work (if you think I am on holidays, you are mistaken. BTW, Greg, I need your article.) tonight was the night of National Instrument's Graphical System Design Achievement Awards. This is a yearly invitation-only event for which you are supposed to dress up, which I did, sort of. NI offers awards in eight categories for the best applications using NI products. There are, in my opinion, three interesting things about this event.

The first is the presentation with as main attraction Dave Wilson, the companies director of academic and corporate marketing who, in about one hour, manages to use as many words as I use in an average week.

The second thing is the exoticness of the project subjects. From non-invasive cancer diagnostic to bridge structure testing to quantum mechanics, the geekier the better seems to be the devise.

Finally, it is the international character of the project that amazes me. The projects are literally sent in from all over the world and no part of the world seems to be favorized.

The winner of the grand prize, an entry in NI's hall of fame, was this year the paper "FPGA-Based Feedback Control of a Single Atom Trajectory". You can find it on NI's web site.

To improve your chances to win next year make sure to use at least a Kalman filter, a couple of Hall effect sensors and PWM in your system. Dave will love it!

Is really the best hybrid car available today?

Save the environment through less gas emissions of the car were still today the Declaration of the Holy. More and more people are concerned about saving the environment emissions vehicle murderers and buy more cars. Now is the comfort that gives a car, but the damage it brings is incredible. Therefore, hybrid cars have become a viable solution in response to requests and convenient form of transport and reduce or eliminate pollution.

Many manufacturers have the potential to hybrid cars and have developed their own version of this revolutionary vehicle. At the top is Toyota and Honda was the first hybrid vehicles are mass-produced and has a number of hybrid vehicles in its line. GM has come out with their hybrid and Ford vehicles. With many hybrid vehicles on the market that you can ask a consumer actually today is the best hybrid car available?

With the advent of science and technology, adapted more computers and devices now offers settings for different styles and tastes. For this reason, ultimately better State and is perfect for all is impossible. This is true for cars. So the use of what is not the best vehicle the best for you is on the other hand. But you may have chosen the best among them and can be divided into categories.

According to recent surveys and research, the list is the final consumers of what they see here the "better".

The best hybrid sedan received the latest Honda Civic Hybrid. A significant improvement on its predecessor, the sleek and sporty look like of conventional civic and non-being, as a hybrid. But like its owner, you are sure to feel the difference. Still receive high quality and comfort of conventional offerings of civics, but to go to petrol stations, less filling.

The best hybrid SUVS in the first ever premium SUV hybrid on the market, the Ford Escape Hybrid. The creation of the hybrid market was a great success, while competitors Toyota and Lexus, is even more prevalent. With many features and accessories, and the power of a small SUV Ford Escape is just keep better seen and welcomed the hybrid of Majesty seen for many years to come.

Voted best hybrid car in pure fuel economy is Honda insight. Combination of its easy and its aerodynamic body design that best fuel consumption figures in final inspection course produced its earrings in hybrid technology. Although not as comfortable and effective multi awarded as a stable partner Civic Hybrid insight is better if you wish to purchase by purchase, fuel consumption and an increase in oil prices rise again, this is not a bad idea after all.

But winning a great eye for approval of amateur hybrid decline is the leader of the League and winning the Toyota Prius. Anchoring that highest number of votes that the hybrid vehicle with this may be more likely that the hybrid car is probably call today on all high-value, performance and design as the best hybrid car is available.

Graphical system design

This morning NIWeek really started with the first keynote introduced, as always, by Dr. T. himself (one of the three cofounders of NI). The keynotes are rather impressive events with an audience of several thousands. It is used to introduce the most important new products for the year to come. Demos have been very carefully prepared and are presented by the people who were actually involved in the development of the product, which I think is good.

I was a bit disappointed by today's keynote. It was less spectacular than last year and I found Dr. T's introduction not very inspired. The main theme to retain is NI's objective to use software to solve problems so that the client can profit from Moore's law. This was illustrated by some demos of very high performance instruments.

The fun part of the presentation was a variation of the game Angry Birds coded in LabVIEW. In Angry Eagles (as it is called) the player launches the bird with a real catapult instead of a virtual one.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, LabVIEW 2011 was announced.

Il fantastico uso e i vantaggi della vettura ibrida

I costi del carburante e danni al nostro ambiente è molto diffusa, e pertanto, auto ibride sono attualmente molto utile per la conservazione dell'ambiente. La ragione è che ibrido automobili sono principalmente di carburante per non era dipendente, ma anche energia, con conseguente minore consumo di carburante e meno inquinamento emesso.

Un motore elettrico ed un motore a benzina per una sufficiente potenza dal motore del veicolo con carburante almeno utilizzare una vettura ibrida e offrono la minor quantità di emissioni. Auto molto più efficiente e più pratica per l'uso quotidiano sono puramente elettricamente gestito come una macchina puramente alimentati a gas. Combinazione di due fonti, che lo rende che un veicolo viene creato, è relativamente pulito e conduce a più basso consumo di carburante, che significa la potenza sufficiente per l'autostrada di velocità che non richiedono la quantità di carburante, è anche ideale per fermata e andare a carico del motore nelle zone di traffico.

L'auto ibrida è stato il risultato dell'applicazione e il rumore nell'ambiente dall'inquinamento e pulisce la necessità di lasciare meno prodotto carburante. Per possibile ricaricare, rappresentano l'ibrido per un colpo della spina del muro.Derivano da rende normalmente perso durante le interruzioni di corrente e i freni e sono praticati dalla benzina motore auto.

Può essere più vantaggi che offrono l'essenza di solito ordinario di autovetture. Ecco un elenco delle offerte dei molti vantaggi di auto ibride.

1. L'inquinamento è meno incoraggiato.

È un fatto che il danno continuo al nostro strato dell'ozono dovuto all'effetto serra e il fattore che contribuisce al danno è uno dell'inquinamento dell'aria, in onda su sostanze chimiche pericolose nell'aria, come il biossido di carbonio, emessi dai veicoli. Il livello di anidride carbonica emette il veicolo ibrido principalmente sulla quantità di combustibile, che utilizza Assolutamente cruciale nello sviluppo riscaldamento globale può ridurre le auto ibride.

Con l'uso di auto ibride, consuma meno carburante, perché il gas auto ibride non abbastanza utilizza già, ci sono anche energia, un alimentatore, porta alcun pericolo per l'ambiente.

2 Chilometraggio più con il più basso consumo di carburante

L'evidente vantaggio di auto ibride è quello di salvare il gas. Con l'uso di ibrido auto può risparmiare i soldi del gas, perché non ha nessun gas dopo un lungo viaggio acquistare ovunque nel mondo, dove si possono andare a pochi chilometri che consumano meno carburante.

Ibrido 3 automobili possono ridurre le imposte per gli acquirenti di auto ibride ricevano la riduzione d'imposta se si acquista una vettura ibrida loro imposta rimborsi possono essere mantenuto il loro imposta e con ulteriori risparmi.

4. I vostri soldi guadagnare più valore

Una vettura ibrida può mantenere un più alto valore di rivendita. Se in qualsiasi atto, o un ibrido in precedenza completo per la vendita, auto può essere sicura di ottenere più di quello che hai pagato per questo.

5. L'efficienza e le prestazioni sono ciò che definisce le auto ibride

Auto ibride hanno vetture piccole benzina normale, perché il potere è la forma delle due fonti per i più piccoli motori necessari per i motori, che saranno efficace prestazioni sono più vicini alla normale alimentazione.

6. "Tecnologia ibrida auto" è la soluzione più grande per il crescente problema di oggi nell'inquinamento aria auto

Auto ibride utilizzano meno carburante e tecnologie ambientali, il potenziale danno per l'ambiente, che può essere evitata da normali automobili

Nonostante molto usato e vantaggio, è una cosa, ma non è conveniente per molte persone si applicano ai veicoli ibridi, il suo reale valore di mercato, ma è un investimento che pagare 100 volte.

Getting ready for tomorrow

OK, the first day of NIWeek, or to be more precise, of pre-NIWeek just came to an end with the Kick-off Happy Hour. Before that I attended the Exclusive Show Floor Preview. This tour took the international press - except for the Chinese/Japanese who had their own group - along the major attractions of mainly NI. Since I was also present at NIWeek 2010, I was able to separate the upgrades and evolutions from the real novelties. Of course, the really spectacular demos will only start tomorrow during the keynotes of the Grand Opening.

I will talk more about interesting applications and products in the days to come when I will have more time to talk to the people presenting them. Yet I would like to mention one of the most impressive things on display: the Hermes Spacecraft. This is a project a guy started alone in his garage, now he is being helped by engineers from Intel who have too much spare time on their hands. The goal is nothing less than commercial space travel!

Check out Sensational Susan online.

USRP update: as it turns out, the USRP-2920 is not 100% identical to the USRP N210, but I did not yet have the opportunity to find out what the differences are exactly.

SDR soon playing at a university near you

Two years ago I assisted at a meeting at Elektor during which Software Defined Radio (SDR), GNU radio and its hardware platform the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) were discussed. The GNU radio people were really convincing and I liked the concept, but since then I didn't hear much of it. One of the reasons, I thought, was that the USRP (version 2 at the time) was quite an expensive platform.

During the visit of the University of Texas (UT) this morning a wireless class was presented that was based on SDR. The hardware platform was a PXI from National Instruments and the programming was done, of course, in LabVIEW. The goal of the course is to familiarise students with wireless concepts and instead of treating the subject only in a theoretical way, the UT decided to use an SDR hardware platform so that students can easily implement and try out the concepts in the real world. An excellent concept if you ask me.

Instead of keeping it a UT-only course they went a step further and developed an educational package that other schools and universities can buy from the UT. This package includes two now-where-did-I-see-you-before? USRPs (on the left in the photo). Actually, the USRP is now an NI product because NI bought Ettus Research in February 2010. I am afraid this will not really help to lower the price of the USRP.

I don't know if there is a difference between the USRP N210 that you can buy from Ettus and which looks identical to the USRP-2920 from NI, but maybe I can find that out this afternoon during the special USRP session?

In Texas everything is bigger

After having spent the sunday to get used to the what they allready call here the hottest summer ever (over 40 degrees Celsius for more than 50 days) today I will start attending NIWeek 2011. The show opens in less than one hour, but since it is just across the street I just have time to open the blog now.

My day will begin with a visit of the University of Texas (UT), the largest university of the USA as they say here in Austin with some 80,000 students. However, according to the internet, the UT is only the fifth university of the USA with just over 50,000 students. "In Texas everything is bigger" is another thing they like to say here. Apparently this holds true for claims too.

Stay tuned as there will be more to come.