The history of hybrid car: a development for the future.

Due to demand, a car, where everyone can consume less fuel and would not contribute to air pollution, was finally that are a hybrid car for this purpose. And rapid advances in petrol engine, the hybrid car has become very popular.

A hybrid has two sources of current means of transport; Uses a rechargeable battery storage system board found and power energy supply with engine: the driver of the vehicle. The hybrid car less pollution and less fuel used.

In 1899, Ferdinand Porsche developed and paved the way for the first work of hybrid electric vehicles. Others followed in the invention by Ferdinand Porsche. Many people interested in the concept of hybrid vehicle is constantly hybrid cars. However, there was no major automakers, who have invested in the concept of hybrid and hybrid cars, produced in the series until the end of the 20th century. The hybrid technology has been used particularly in the development of boats or oil during this transition period.

The ships diesel-electric or very similar to a hybrid work car. However, the main objective was to preserve the submarine oxygen rather than spend less fuel. In recent years, submarines have evolved and began with nuclear energy as a substitute for diesel.

During the 1990s, the prospects of Honda and Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car successfully on the market. Is that two of the pioneers of hybrid car concept which had changed substantially, he thinks the world of automobiles.

Idealistic inventor, Victor Wouk, hybrid buildings were diverted the vehicle engine and fuel gas by virtually all other automotive and construction. Thirty years before the Toyota Prius has received attention in the United States nation willing like energy, who built the hybrid car.

Even the most avid fan of the growth of hybrid car unknown account of hybrid cars and inventor Club, who died in May 2005, at the age of 86 years. Knowledge of the hybrid car is, in fact, the United States, which would lead to other countries. Wouk said the Government considered that the hybrid is unknown to all.

Victor Wouk founded and sold two companies successfully industrialized electric in the 1940s and 1950s and in 1962 approach of Russell Feldman, one of the founders of Motorola, which recognizes the pollution of the car as the biggest problem of the environment and discover the solutions to this problem was. But not its share of experience of the solution.

Have an idea, Wouk has examined the problem in the 1960s and, finally, is an intelligent solution. With the power of gasoline engine to produce a hybrid vehicle that combines the advantages of lower emission of an electric car. But Wouk; He received his ideas to create a hybrid car, which was heavily criticised, not a complete electrical installation.

With the help of his colleague, Charlie Rose, who shared his beliefs on hybrid cars, gave him the opportunity, ideas of hybrid cars as a solution to create pollution car to demonstrate health spending. And now, the impressive capabilities of the invention of Wouk, hybrid cars are now a great help to reduce fuel consumption and less pollution.

Wouk and set a new company, his idea of a hybrid car developed specifically Rosas and be on the market and used as a day of each machine, which broadcast contemporary vehicle much less harmful vapors.

The Prius and the Toyota Prius is out, the market, was able, as the first choice of hybrid cars are still available. It is true that old car hybrid seems to be more than one machine abroad and cost much more than the conventional machine. However, due to later installed the latest versions of hybrid cars, looks more like a classic car and is significantly less expensive than their predecessors. It is a fact that car looks very hybrid cars, today. However, can use reduced by half.

For example, see the Honda Civic hybrid car very similar to the traditional version. However, if you look closely, the Civic hybrid version of the situation is much better than its gasoline counterpart to save fuel. Hybrid civic will receive 50 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

In 2004, Ford has developed and presented the first hybrid SUV, the Ford Escape Hybrid. A year later, Toyota has also brought its line called Highlander Hybrid SUV hybrid.

Due to a growing demand for hybrid cars, another car manufacturers followed in the footsteps of other companies already have released a version of its hybrid car on the market. For example, Nissan aims to develop and introduce a hybrid version of the Nissan Altima.

Today, there are about 300,000 hybrid vehicles on American roads where they make 95% of the Japanese. Hybrid vehicles are very different from the technology, you can save money and our environment.

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