Do diesel car hybrid: began as a standard hybrid cars? Ford thinks this

Four years of hybrid cars that are rarely in the streets and highways. But as most people have noticed and realized major benefits that green cars and savings that come most hybrid cars are now our streets that he sailed. So they are so common as conventional machines that we use for hybrid cars. But it would be a surprise if the innovations and developments offers the technology to develop the hybrid or new technologies.

Many stories and rumors spread is the world engine other discoveries and concepts, they can revolutionize hybrid technology in motor vehicles, but there were many questions about why some existing technology is not supported with the innovation of the hybrids. These include the concept of diesel hybrids.

Diesel engines have become very popular in Europe and Asia. While the United States did not accept the diesel engine as will developments in United States Expat remove the attributes that have made a poor decision here. Recent events have generated excessive smoke and eliminated the noise from the engines of the flight. In addition, biodiesel fuel is a suite of growth and is considered as a solution to save the depletion of natural resources such as oil. The combination of hybrid technologies and new biodiesel fuel is that a better solution to our problems of growth seems to be. Biodiesel is now cleaner and cheaper than ordinary petrol.

While no single serious investigation and not been developing diesel hybrids, Ford has released a hybrid car diesel fuel in North America car at auto show in Detroit on January 10, 2006. Sport called Ford reflecting. It is a machine that is impregnated with a power source that uses a combination of a diesel engine, an electric motor and solar panels. In addition, the Ford reflex is all cars of wheels that Ford will be certificates of 65 miles per gallon.

The reflection, which can serve as a basis for future diesel hybrid cars is similar to gas for hybrid and electric cars. It also has a backup copy of the hybrid-battery pack provide food to the cars that are recharged by the engine and brake heat. Ford hybrid car diesel used in lithium ion batteries using the same type of latest gadgets such as cell phones and laptops. Most hybrid cars use nickel metal hydride batteries, because they are much cheaper, but lithium ion batteries have much more makes the ability.

But reflection also extract accounts for solar cells by plane as well. Is a patented Ford. There are also solar cells, which provides the power fan on the roof of the car, cool Interior works, when it is parked under the hot sun.

We can only wait until auto diesel hybrid technology is more easily accessible. Until then can expect the same performance of diesel and petrol fuel available. But if the technology is refined, we can certainly all this hybrid diesel car will certainly and we will see more often.

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