a promising technology for a promising future for the environment

Hybrid electric vehicle or HEV, combines a system of storage of electricity with a width of choice for electric power tool, usually by eating some sort of fuel. Each HEV possess operational quality is checked and pre-and disadvantages practical design.

The development of internal energy, especially automobiles, motor vehicles is one of the greatest achievements of modern technology as a new growth of vehicle and environmental friendly energy efficient, in other words, because they were easier HEV worldwide.

In the creation of the hybrid electric car, is the largest energy economics and environmental protection. What these days.

The hybrid electric vehicle developed by electric car. The main disadvantage of electric cars, however, is that it is dependent above all batteries. The region is therefore limited.

First hybrid electric car should be an electric vehicle with batteries for energy storage and is equipped with a heat generator powered Board. This means that this type of hybrid has a range of avant-garde.

The power of the heat engine and battery power are specifically important rules, has continually excess heat engine of the module and battery power systems. It also depends on the programming of the behaviors.

Since the beginning of the use of cars, electric cars has been recognized already designed and. Although the suburb as a source of energy in many respects is better, the battery was the content of higher power handling and low-cost and ample supply of fuel.

Now, it's almost a century, was considered the electric car in the vernacular language, but is the most recent developments of HEV technology and once more, the growing needs of the environment encourages the reader to an HEV and became an exercise.

Considered as personal transport very important in the economic chain of modern companies and private vehicle, what appears to be the popular choice today.

Electric vehicles are efficient as the contemporary vehicles operating in approximately 46% of electric vehicles, while only works on a contemporary vehicle in about 18 percent.

There are studies in General, using electric cars with batteries about 10-30% more efficient with energy, such as the normal essence of the car, according to the exact energy of the vehicle and the network of energy efficiency.

Without doubt, electric vehicles and conventional vehicle comparisons are comparisons between highly developed system of power that, nearing the end of his research and development and innovative system in the early stages of development, with an important development, we expect that the new technology developed.

Moreover, the benefits of electricity transport goes beyond real perspective on the economy. Replace power plants, fuels that are customizable, portable power systems.

Electric vehicles are the ultimate alternative drive systems, because the power of the fuel source to generate electricity. Aside, it is advantageous fuel only important useful and cost-effective flexibility for a variety of energy resources.

The electric car is actually a promising technology goods that could transform transportation in many more respectful. This innovative emissions control is even more important, effective and economically advantageous.

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