Chasing tornadoes

This is my last post live from NIWeek 2011, my plane leaves in a few hours and the show is finished now anyway. Looking back I had a good show with many interesting and exciting! encounters, technical as well as human. Look, I even made a friend.

He is great because he plays soccer and he is as good at it as I am. I bet he dances like me too.

Today was the last keynote during which several impressive student projects were presented including the world-wide winning (www) project in the student project competition. This was a 3D display that you can actually build at home thanks to its extraordinary simplicity.

The keynote ended with a presentation by Tim Samaras who chases tornadoes for a living. Tim showed some very spectacular footage of tornadoes but also of lightning, because that is his second hobby. He and his team film lightning with very high-speed cameras so that you can actually see how the lightning makes its way down to earth. Wow.

With a bit of luck I will be back here in Austin, Texas next year. If so, maybe see you then or there!

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