IPAD has finally landed in Britain and we have bagged one for a test. The start was again set at 28, you can, while Apple has increased production facilities sufficient for the U.S. to fulfill orders, and so far there are still supply problems - Orders after May 13 to June 7, the winner was postponed, for example.

It has everything to an unprecedented demand for the UK - clearly not one that meant the price of the iPhone in the UK juicy thinking, would not be on this coast has proved to be false.

Wi-Fi IPAD only £ 429 for the 16GB version then goes to 499 pounds for the 32GB and € 599 for the 64GB. You can add another 100 pounds in the price of the 3G model, but here we see the 32 GB Wi-Fi If you want to consider the 3G model, see our control iPhone 3G.

So why the fuss? The iPad is essentially revolutionized the concept of the Tablet PC. Previously, tablet devices meets a legitimate need (casual, lazy, couch-bound, computer), but left many people with handwriting recognition and pen-operating system that was actually leads designed to be used on a desktop PC in frustration.

While not perfect realization of a Tablet PC, IPAD is simply the best ever. The use of the iPhone OS and its smart entry system - virtual keyboard, multi-touch and all - because of the iPhone is a device much more useful than any Tablet PC running Windows

The iPad is as sporty and elegant compact processor much faster and is powered by lithium appetite of a celebrity elongated naive emotional distress.

The iPad is the history of material - but the hardware is not even half the story. Yes, it really kick ass of Tablet Apple applications that are optimized for the platform. The extra screen space provided by the real iPhone to jump a new world of possibilities opens up to the user interface of the iPhone.

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