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People throughout history have used many forms of worship of the Sun. The Sun God honour even temple built great ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. It was retired before, but his influence had reached power and the generation, the continuation of the practice of worship of the Sun. It is unacceptable by Temple, but otherwise, which is seasoned.

Like to have your tanned skin. Why? -There have discovered that the benefits that comes with a Tan skin. For most such means do well has health while you press more attractive to other people. Others prefer they tanned skin, as it is thinner.

But I knew that it not so? There was a time when the tanned skin associated with slavery, the serfs and slaves. He was also lower class, often working in the areas associated with. In these times pale skin is fashion and symbolizes a high reputation in the community.

Evolved community, developed technology and tanning has been redesigned, a fashion statement with each die your tanned skin. French fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, was actually the at the appears they (not really purpose) as a result of Yachting on the French Riviera holiday in a parade of fashion gold tanning in a fashion statement to create. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Different ways of tanning

There are several ways to get a Tan. The traditional way is sunbathing is not really recommended, because the available, which often leads to the harmful UV rays, painful burns Sun or worse cancer skin skin.

There tanning machines to produce artificial interiors that compare the same effect with a Tan. Examples include experienced beds and sun lamps, but they are as harmful for the skin, which emit UV radiation in the forms of UVB and UVA, the tendency which cause skin cancer. With all the negative effects that not said tanning machines offers and Sun be good, what are the ways in which people have the tanned, want?

This suggested that scientists are developing a new kind of technology of tanning and the machines and UV-free products cover. Accidentally discovered a substance that, as the skin produces a tanning result. This started the Autobronceadores revolution.

California Tan one renowned name in tanning technology cosmetics

California offers diverse products ranging from lotions to tanning booths to Brown cosmetic and UV free 100%. This means that customers are guaranteed that your skin damage before, during and after the tanning session. The system of highly efficient syringes are tanning booths from California ensures implementation of the resulting solution for a more natural look, tanning, that last more than tanning.

Also offered by California Tan tanning lotions embedded not only but also skin a healthy glow is there. Also not stain clothes and comparison with any other brand of tanning lotion does secure: California Tan lotion provides a Tan that last longer. Lotions suffered numerous tests to ensure that customers will not experience allergic reactions to you. As seasoned select insurance without risks in California.


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