Get your desired color with lotion from California so

Summer is the season where search sweaters and change in your bikinis. It is tanned, get the time. However the beach Sun do not forget that it risks exposing the skin to extreme UV rays. And I mean not only the risk of cancer, but age your skin and get cause sunburn. How do you get this without the help of the Sun? First, a fact gets so once the skin absorbs UV radiation. The skin reacts to produce a substance called melanin. This helps same substance to darken the outer layer of skin. It is indeed true that a Tan Tan healthy skin, but for some people who take to get his Tan, the Sun or other method of artificial solarium means includes sun lamps and others would generally a tanned the damaged skin.

The question: how is browned a skin without fear of damaging your skin?

As California has plenty of products to choose from. In addition to the best of these products is that you cosmetic technology, which means that no harmful UV rays or even applied UVA and UVB rays. How California is about safe tanning.

One known tanning products sold from California Tan is his line of sunscreen.

California Tan lotion: moisturizing and tanned to skin and healthy is important to get a nice tan. This is because the tanning products tend to be better embedded skin instead of keep in dry skin. And is one of the best and easy way to keep hydrated skin apply lotion on your skin. Once it is hydrating the skin is the only time incurred tanning products.

But would be better if you had you moisturize the skin and simultaneously tanned? Fortunately, there is no such type lotion and offers than California. Tanning lotion offers tanning cosmetics not fear get to have Sun damaged skin. How does it work? Tanning lotion temporarily dye layer of the skin with tanned look.

So tanned California lotion is a week can be long, but if you the lotion even longer lasting tanning effect apply. California Tan lotion is much better than the rule fade after two days you Tan permanently damage the skin and begins.

California Tan lotion has hydrating ingredients are not afraid of dry flaky skin. Lotion protects also skin moisture level, help extension absorption of light that will help you get the pores to open, so deep and lasting.

Tanning lotion correctly apply the correct application of the tanning lotion can help to take longer. Here are some tips, like the tanning lotion applied:

(1) Purchase lotion California Tan, which comes in cream or spray, perfect for an application even.

2) Test the lotion in a small area of skin to see if there are allergic reactions.

(3) Use a hand to apply off dead skin from scouring tanning lotion on your skin.

4) Are you tanning lotion thoroughly in the skin, but give to especially on the back of the elbows, knees, ankles and strokes color cinnamon.

5) Clean excessive tanning lotion, to avoid a very differently.

6) Always wash hands with SOAP and water after applying the lotion.

(7) Do not get your wet skin for at least 15 minutes.

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