Tan solarium lotion: a safe tanning solution

Cinnamon skin is a fad that has become a way for some people. Tanned raging craving has however also increase in cases of people suffering from skin cancer. There are several ways to get a Tan. The most and the least expensive is good old sunbathing but also very harmful for the skin, direct exposure to harmful UV rays might already mapped.

Experienced machines such as solarium artificial, bronzing and others are equally detrimental to the rays, UVA and UVB.! You can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Luckily people are aware of the harmful effects of UV rays can cause skin and he has sought for cosmetic or tanning UV-free products that can give the same effect of tanning without the risk of having cancer.

Several tanning exist products and machines on the market, to use the power of technology self tanners tanning, tanning lotions and other tanning cabins. California is known for its safe, cosmetics, solarium. And one of the well-known California your line is so lotion tanning.

California Tan solarium lotion

Self Tanners are now very popular, but there are still some people that provide the ability to disallow a very natural look of Autobronceadores products. Tanning technology has significantly expanded that this tanning lotion can offer even a natural-looking tan.

And that is exactly, what is so tanning lotion of California. It makes use of technology self tanners ahead skin tanning will not only help but moisten the skin at the same time providing longer lasting Tan.

It is a healthy skin very important in obtaining a beautiful Tan. Maintain the best leather in dry skin aside from tanning products embedded. Apply the lotion on your skin is a proven skin moisture and easily. It is strongly recommended to moisture from the skin of processed products of skin tanning experts from tanning lamps.

How does the California Tan solarium lotion?

California tanning is Tan lotion, in addition to the be a moisturizer in fact a tanning lotion. Works for dyeing temporarily the upper layer of the skin, making it Tan you the color you want.

And the best of California Tan lotion Solarium is in contrast to other products of tanning you can deploy a Tan in a week. Even if its to last all want much longer have to do is, simply return to the lotion apply to California and viola!-instant it takes days.

Tanning lotion in so California is an absolutely safe product which damaged the skin. Moisturizing ingredients leave skin tanned and smooth at the same time. No other product can provide such a wonderful combination.

California Tan application seasoned lotion

Tanning is the type of lotion lotion in so California his usual, not his biggest effect follow a regime how to reach:

• Lotion safely apply the tanning peels, it means you have to remove the dead skin cells. Use a Loofah scrub dead skin.

• When applying skin tanning lotion give special attention to the feet, elbows, ankles, knees and Bronceadas lines because these are the parts where the unequal implementation is often very visible.

• Is also advisable to remove all excess tanning lotion to your application.

• Remember to wash your hands after applying tanning lotion.

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