Try it, so magically stood for California

Cinnamon skin is fashion raging plagues, California and the rest of the world. But health experts and medical professionals are constantly warning about the danger of extreme UV light to be purchased sunbathing beds and sun lamps, experienced. Contrary to the common term UV radiation comes not only in a less type two: the UVA and UVB. The UVB is the type that causes sunburn, while the grape deep penetrating rays is assigned.

So basically it's tanning ultraviolet radiation which is really dangerous. But all that has changed with the arrival of California magic Tan booth. Offers cosmetics or free tanning UV technology never before experienced.

California Tan booth magic makes use a special type of skin skin treatments with the latest technologies combined comfort encourages customers provide better options for healthy skin tanning. Your tanning equipment is designed, integrated with dryer also no persistent fog is that customers feel comfortable and relaxed during your tanning session.

Big magic results

California Tan as magic also makes automated HVLP turbine (abbreviation for high volume low pressure) is very efficient in the air delivery process technology. Allow to air at high speed through fog nozzles. The advantage of this is that better customer coverage of tanning without fog in excess. In addition it also helps to develop a very durable amount.

With regard to the California magic Tan booth technology is unmatched to other tanning booths that not already based in air compressor, but rather uses the turbine, the spray is stored in the column. The noise, the comfort connect this type of design space and minimize.

Healthy Tan magic options

California Tan booth magic offers health benefits packed into a completely unique automated Spa by various applications of the skin, how to deploy:

1 Pre sunless spray of hydration of an Aloe Vera base conditioning skin with a formula of pH balance that hydrates the cells of the skin and controls surface oils. This skin is excellent in the suspension of the tanning solution to improve the skin.

2. The Tan of skin solution combines just the right amount of DHA and erythrulose skin produced a uniform effect of tanning lamps. The unique combination of the above-mentioned substances helps to a natural look, the longer than any other solution available to create solarium Tan.

3 Anti aging moisturizer is a therapy of the skin which revitalizes the skin that a new young people look like him.

4 UV skin definition Maximizer makes a revolutionary spray technology components, anti-aging have, as well as strengthening the capacity of the skin. So customers are provided with a beautiful Tan but ratified the possibility your sagging skin.

So magical quality of the results

California Tan as magic is also a technology of tanning is the environment. Use a function as a column integrated air cleaning atmosphere which is fresh and clean, produced the impure or dirty air escape in the environment by keeping. Impure air radiating the tanning booth passes through a filter that automatically leaving impeccable cabin and fragrant inner is cleaned.

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