How to get to California machine spray tan

Tanned California uses technology self tanners, i.e. it uses methods, tanned skin provided to absorb appearance without really harmful UV rays of the Sun. There are several methods of the collection of California Tan, but one of the most popular is the spray of California. But what is a spray tan? Spray tanning refers essentially to an artificial tanning get through the use of colours with the skin. There are two ways to artificially: first, the tanning of professional services and products used home tanning. Who prefers that you get a Tan.

Spray tanning is harmful artificial solutions a great alternative of tanning lamps, makes the UVA and UVB use. It is also an option that the usual Sun, which often leads to worse cancer Sun or damaged skin much preferred.

Although there are still some people that are skeptical, as what the use of spray, very little natural color offers a Tan, but compared with other tanning alternatives simply cannot be denied, so spraying is much safer. And claimed on the result of unnatural color cinnamon, color spray technology has progress results immensely tanning, so of course it does not say so it has become a false. Next to the last over already Tan and much safer of course.

Professional spray as General tanned tanning rooms stands. There are different names for application tanning and solarium products, but in fact, are the same. The advantage of tanning service obtaining with professional tanning salons will better assist you when it comes to operating machine so spray in the cabin.

Guided in what kind of sound to choose and the amount of applications need the whole Tan color to get that would complement the skin. An engineer also help make adjustment of nozzles in the cabin, the desired the same. The technician ensures that all records of the cabin, instead it can be.

The machines behind the so

There are several types of tanning spray machines used for tanning salons. Aerosol Curtido machines are two types of systems and these are: Tan and manual system spray spray on tanning booths automates. These two systems use DH, who is an active substance, reacts with the amino acid in the skin produces the natural look of the skin tanning.

So automated spray booth a system is often out of fiberglass, aluminum and acrylic with a large compressor and spray nozzles consisting of an autonomous State. Nozzles are mounted on a pillar of the furniture. The user must put foot before the injectors and press machine that start tanning.

Nozzles or aerosols emitted a cloud solution, the gentle the body of the user which covers the impression of a tanned leather tanning. The cabin is also designed to insert fog in a flat pan and a filtering system.

Airbrush tanning system sprays on the other hand looks like a spray of car in a way that a small compressor, a small boat, s pistols and a hose used. The compressor is used to air pressure spray needs solution speed tanning to generate. Jet spray from very fine mist, which apply to the body to get tanned appearance.

Tanning salons offer both or either one of the above mentioned Tan spray system. It is up to you to decide which works best for you.


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